Magnetic Autocontrol


Automatic Systems believes that a customer is a partner. For more than 30 years, the technological culture of Automatic System has combined high technology with quality standards.

Pedestrian access control systems include tripod turnstiles, full height security turnstiles and automatic swinging gates. Vehicle access control systems include rising or swinging barriers, short medium or long range barriers.

Magnetic Autocontrol is based in Italy with worldwide offices.




Guard Spirit

  The Guard Spirit digital walk-through metal detector adopts the most advanced international detection technology, and is specifically used for detecting and preventing entrance of metal and alloy materials hidden on the human body. The system employs high sensitivity and strong anti-interference¬† features and can be employed on a 24-hour basis with sound and light alarm at the same time. The sensitivity can be adjusted to minimize false positives for small items such as paper clips, while detecting larger hidden metal above a preset limit. Results are shown on an LCD display.


UTC Kidde

  The UTC KIDDE Intelligent Life Safety Systems are the most advanced small fully addressable analog products available in the market today. As a system, this product line can meet or exceed the competition in almost every measurable way.



  BOSCHE FPA-5000 Large Fire Detection Panel