Samsung SNS Smart Home Automation deals with the implementation and service of the total home network solution. They provide safety and convenience for residents by networking the household and appliances together.

Main Business

  • Developing and manufacturing home network equipment
  • Ubiquitous apartment network implementation and system maintenance
  • Providing various contents by networking u-City

Key Business Showings

  • Home server selected as the “World’s Best Product” by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy (2001)
  • World’s first commercial home network implementation (2002)
  • Implementing 100% of home network in Hwasung Dongtan and Chungbuk Ochang district (2004)
  • Having full home network product lines for existing apartments and houses (2007)
  • Selected by the Korea Consumers’ Forum to receive the Brand of the Year Award 6 years in a row
  • Providing service via smartphone applications (2010)


VDP System

  • For Single house or small villa
  • Simple function
  • No main control unit or server
  • Easy installation
  • Simple function monitors

HA System

  • For apartment complex and condominium
  • Analog video and RS-485 data communication
  • Multifunction monitors

HN system

  • For deluxe apartment complex and condominium
  • Need IP network structure and server
  • Including home automation feature



Components details






Mother board with Power board


Master Slot


Home / Lobby Slot



Security / Management phone



Terminal box for SHT-5500M



Floor distributor 4CH (10CH)



Video Amplifier 4CH (10CH)



Main entrance camera

SAMSUNG EZON Smart Home System: SHT-7507XM

Samsung EZON’s Smart Home System is mainly operated by the main control unit, SHT-5500M, which supports the bus type communication. All required devices should be linked into the main control unit in order to operate the system for enhanced residential environment.

Security phone, SHT-552, is primarily designed to deal with the various type of alerting messages, such as fire/burglar/gas leakage, emergency call and etc. from each house unit.

To support the system, main entrance camera, SHT-5180, lets visitors call to the house units and the guardian office by sending the visitor's color voice and image.




Main phone: SHT-7507XM

  • Door answering and monitoring
  • Expandable Sub monitor (2), Door Camera (1)
  • Inter-communication (Guard office / Households)
  • Digital door lock operable
  • Electric sensors (Gas leakage, Burglar)
  • Incoming text confirmation feature
  • Incoming announcement notification
  • Image save function


Digital Door Lock: SHS-6020

  • Enhanced Digital Door Lock
  • Pin + RF card / Cell Key Type
  • Operable by In house unit

Door Camera: SHT-CP611

  • 1/3” Color Pinhole CCD
  • Metal covered camera
  • Flush mounted

Motion Detector: SHT-IRSM

  • Detect moving object
  • Detection range: 11 x 10m
  • Detection area: 32 sections

Gas Detector: SHT-SGLD2

  • Detect gas leakage (20 sec)
  • Power consumption in emergency (70mA)
  • Alarm sound 70dB loud

Magnetic Sensor: SHT-SBNC

  • Receive power from wall pad
  • Normal Closed Type
  • No power contact





Main Entrance Camera: SHT-5180XL

  • Public entrance lobby panel
  • RFID card reader operable
  • 1/3” Color CCD with six white LED
  • Call to household Monitor, Guard
  • Individual PIN (3,000) and RFID Card (4,000)
  • Emergency automatic unlock function

Security Phone: SHT-552XS

Guardian Office Phone

  • UTP CAT 5 x 2EA (port)
  • Printer serial port included

For more information,

download the Brochure.




SAMSUNG EZON Audio Door Phone: SHT-1100NB

  • Built-in 3 x 4 keys
  • Call to Guard, Janitor Room, Extension Unit / Call to Lobby Camera, Household Camera / Household to Household Call
  • Digital Door Lock (Option)
  • Greet Visitors and unlock a door


For more information,

download the Brochure.


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